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If anyone’s interested, I just opened a pull request for eftest with a proposed change to overhaul threading: — any and all feedback would be most appreciated!


Excellent! I should take a look at eftest since I've heard several folks say good things about it.


I also need to finish version 2.0 of Expectations at some point. It's been stuck on RC3 forever.


Also, if anyone has feedback on we've started discussions around updating clojure.test (and possibly splitting it out to a Contrib library like spec, tools.deps, etc so it can move at its own pace).


Good to know! I’m curious if the ideas motivating Koacha are present in those discussions, whether directly or indirectly?


We could perhaps add a link to this blog post on Koacha to that page?


Yeah, probably worth adding a Links section pointing to clojure.test alternatives, just for information. I'll add that.

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seancorfield18:12:44 updated. Happy to add links to any other testing libraries that are intended to address pain points with clojure.test

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(that Koacha blog post links to a number of other tools so I'm not sure I need to list them all in the wiki but I could...)