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Mario C.18:12:35

IntelliJ has a unique feature where it highlights a variable dark gray if its not being used. Is there a layer for such a thing in emacs?


@mario.cordova.862 use joker-clj with flycheck-joker. It shows more than just unused vars and such

Mario C.19:12:09

Hmm I can't get flycheck-joker to install. Tar not found when trying to install the package


There is a clojure-lint layer, although its not been added to the Spacemacs repo yet, so you can clone it as a private layer.


Expect Joker to give you a few false positives, although these are usually just macros and functions from external libraries, so easy to spot.


I do find Joker very fast, so use that for continual feedback. For production code, I recommend ALSO using Eastwood and Kibit to get comprehensive feedback on your code before committing it 🙂

Mario C.21:12:18

@jr0cket Thanks! Gonna try it once I get down time again


My pleasure. Let me know if you have any more issues or do something different to make it work. I would like to capture any other setups in the book.