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so I am debugging an issue with cider-cljs-repl-form


and (eq (car entry) repl-type) basically is equal to nil


it looks like there is not protection against nil


will open an issue


actually might be easier to fix it 😉

Matt Phillips00:06:25

Does anyone know why CIDER 0.17 isn’t (for me anyway) font-locking :import’s, CamelCaseIdentifiers, and Java interop calls, amongst others. regression from 0.16

Matt Phillips00:06:55

actually, that may be more the bailiwick of clojure-mode…


@m994 That’s the result of changes in clojure-mode. It’s not really a regression, though - most of this was intentional as that font-locking wasn’t precise and was interfering with other things. In the end we decided not to treat the CamelCase indentifiers differently. Check the changelog of clojure-mode for details.

Matt Phillips04:06:05

@bozhidar thanks for the update. should have looked at the changelog

Matt Phillips04:06:06

I’m pretty sure the items inside the (:require …) form used to be font-locked too? no big deal, but it looks somehow wrong to me now 😉


There might be some regressions. The PR dragged on for a while and frankly I didn’t test things that extensively afterwards. Feel free to file tickets if you feels something’s off.


I generally agreed that we had went overboard in the font-locking regular expressions, so some simplification was needed.


Now that parseclj exists we can probably leverage it to some extent to improve the font-locking, but that’s not high on my todo list.

Matt Phillips04:06:27

Yes, I gathered it was an protracted process when reading the attached discussion 😉 Simplifying the regexes makes sense — so hard to maintain, and so many opportunities for hidden performance problems. Will file a ticket re the ns thing


So, I was running my project yesterday with jack-in-clojurescript just fine, but today it complains about missing dependency [com.cemerick/piggieback "0.2.2" :scope "test"]. I’ve been using [cider/piggieback "0.3.5"] for the last couple of weeks, so the project has not changed. Only difference I know of, is that I deleted my elpa-directory and re-installed all packages. Do any of you have any clues to what issue I’m experiencing?


@U0B1SDL67 what kind of error are you getting? Does lein repl runs ok? Have you upgraded java recently?


It’s a boot project and runs without issues on the command-line


which version of Cider do you have.


CIDER 0.18.0snapshot


And where exactly do you get the error about the missing dep?


`You are missing necessary dependencies for boot-cljs-repl. Please add the following dependencies to your project: [com.cemerick/piggieback “0.2.2” :scope “test”]`


I have a discrepancy between what I see with clojure -Stree and cider-classpath-libs


basically clojure/clojurescript is missing


in (cider-classpath-libs)


and therefore I receive an error: ClojureScript is not available. ...


using the exact clojure command to get -Stree at the shell


ok I found a problem