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Matt Phillips01:06:11

CIDER 0.17.0 seems to break clj-refactor’s refactor-nrepl package. I kind of rely on clj-refactor for a few things. any likelihood of a fix?

Matt Phillips01:06:16

error: Error loading refactor-nrepl.middleware: Could not locate cider/nrepl/middleware/util/misc__init.class


@m994 I haven't encountered that myself, but I expect that this blog post is about solving exactly that issue:


(although to be clear I just glanced at the blog post briefly when it recently came up on planet clojure, so I might be mistaken)

Matt Phillips02:06:48

thanks! that looks hopeful, will give it a try


In theory, patches welcome. My elisp isn't that good.


I see. Thanks for your quick reply.


Yeah, it’s certainly possible now that @arrdem has done the heavy lifting. You can just see the code Spiral uses to insert the image as a button and leverage this.

Matt Phillips02:06:27

@eggsyntax thanks again. that’s gotten me to a stable CIDER 0.17 and clj-refactor config. I also had to use [refactor-nrepl "2.4.0-SNAPSHOT"] in my lein profile


yup that is the way to go for now @m994


Hi, it’s been a while since I have used Clojure and Cider, I am a noob. I had a project that was running correctly the last time I worked on it, but now I have ben having problems with it. I updated Java and had to subsecuently update cider and clj-refactor. Now the project connects to Cider but when I try to run my tests with C-c C-t n I get the message No assertions (or no tests) were run.Did you forget to use 'is' in your tests?. How ever I do have tests in the namespace and they where running last time I checked. Any idea why this is happening?

tanzoniteblack20:06:40 did you compile the test namespace explicitly?


Is there a way to compile the whole project?


often times there's nothing requiring the test namespaces, so they're not automatically loaded when you launch your repl.


cider-load-all-project-ns or cider-load-all-files will do that


Cool thanks @tanzoniteblack, that fixed it.