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@eggsyntax Seems like you encountered my issue as well: I recently upgraded Emacs and clojure-mode, and the indentation is a lot slower. I used to indent all the time, and now it is way too slow for that.


@magnars do you use aggressive-indent-mode? I know that @bmaddy has specifically had problems with indentation since updating. I’ve also got a really odd one — I’ve changed clojure-syntax-table to treat hyphenated words as single words, which has always worked fine. But since the update, navigating by w does odd things: it jumps to the space following a hyphenated word (instead of to the next word), and on certain s-exps, pressing w on a closing paren does nothing. Planning to look into that one today.


@eggsyntax not aggressive-indent-mode, no - just regular full-buffer indentation. It was almost a tick, I would do it all the time while coding. Then after updating, I had to stop doing that since it would take seconds.