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Geoffrey Gaillard10:09:21

Hi everyone ! I'm trying to consume NPM packages from cljs with figwheel and I encounter some strange behaviour. When I add :npm-deps {:react "…"}, then some of my files get analysed multiple time. I get this classic message, but dozens of times :

Reading analysis cache for file:/Users/geoffrey/[…]/src/cljc/bf/data/spec/questions/basic_question.cljc
Analyzing file:/Users/geoffrey/[…]/src/cljc/bf/data/spec/questions/basic_question.cljc
The initial cljs build slowed from ~100 sec down to 426 sec. I got a feeling that everytime one of my file :require some sub-namespace, the whole cache is re-analysed. Of course, it doesn't happen in a fresh lein new figwheel app. Does some of you encountered some similar behaviour ? I'm using the "1.9.908" release.


@ggaillard this just isn’t enough information and you’re going to have to demonstrate something minimal - i.e. no Figwheel

Geoffrey Gaillard14:09:13

Ok sorry for that, I'll try to reproduce it in a minimalist project