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Afternoon 🙂 I was wondering what sort of performance I could expect from s/fdef? Like, if I don't instrument, is it just a normal defn?


Also, is it "normal" to automatically enable instrumentation during development within a library? Wondering how much spec goodness I can expose to the consumer of the library automatically without the performance hit in production builds.


@olical the fdef is independent from the defn until instrumentation, so it should have no effect at all


Awesome, that's what I was hoping for. Apologies if it was mentioned in the documentation and I didn't spot it.


I was thinking of wrapping (s/instrument) within some sort of (when dev? ...). Not sure if that's possible or a good idea.


(also I realise I was being dumb, you do defn and fdef next to each other, fdef does not replace defn)