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Hey folks, I recently did a reinstall with fresh emacs and fresh spacemacs, and I'm encountering something odd. When I'm cider-jacked-in, if I try to save a cljs file, emacs freezes up for an extended period of time with cpu maxed out (on one core). I get weird delays at other times, too, but saving a cljs file is the most noticeable by far. Running the profiler, 95% of cpu is being used by execute-command, and it won't let me unfold that to see what's specifically being called. Has anyone encountered something like this? I'm at my wits' end, I've lost pretty much a whole day to emacs/cider problems at this point.


I’d try using a recursive struss/dtruss on your emacs PID. Might turn up something useful


Solved. Turned out to be aggressive-indent-mode, which I really love, but not at the cost of extended freezing.