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Rowan Barnard09:07:18

Having a couple of issues in usage, nothing major: First, if I make a nested list like this: '([1 2 ("a" "list" "inside a" "vector")] "inside" "a" "list") - the first "a" in the list inside the vector is highlighted blue by chlorine as if it is a function call

Rowan Barnard09:07:59

Second issue is that when I enter a single quote on the keyboard to precede a list, it automatically closes it so I have to delete the second single quote, not sure if this is a Chlorine issue or something to do with my Atom keymapping setup - also I am on Windows for both of these issues, not sure if they occur on other platforms


None of these are Chlorine issues, to be honest... the first is from language-clojure package, and the other is from Atom configs đŸ™‚


To be honest, I was thinking about forking language-clojure for multiple reasons (no highlight on #_ forms, this "function call" issue, highlight of .clje and .bb and .joke files)


fwiw, i have a fork with some tweaks - though the following branch is mostly for tree sitter purposes:


may be if there are things to change upstream, they would takr prs?


It's worth a try. Or, you can create a new package, maybe language-clojure-tree-sitter đŸ˜„