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I find the new output window very nice though I have to say I was a bit surprised to see it was an actual file in my project… and I find the new stacktraces-as-data are hard to parse, esp. as they wrap around.


We could probably store the file outside the project. But at the same time, it sort of belongs there...


Not much we can do about the stacktrace at the moment. But hopefully vscode will support something better going forward. There are a couple of old issues open about that on their repo.


Has anyone tried the new output window with LiveShare? I'm curious about any experiences.


can anyone remind me how to install old versions of extensions in VSCode cos I have absolutely no idea what I'm looking at with this new repl window


@thom704 Is it not working for you?


I think it's working, it's just weird and I have a bug to fix. 😛


It should work pretty similar to the old repl window, but maybe that is not what is weird?


Anyway, 2.0.108 is the last version before the new output window.


Just to be clear, this doesn't work at all like the previous REPL window. I just get this output.repl-file with none of the old keybindings, and it goes crazy every time I save and autoreload a Clojure file. So perhaps my setup is borked.


Ticking "Open REPLWindow On Connect" has fixed all this, not convinced I ever changed that but all is normal again.


I just fixed the save/autoreload issue.


It was me unticking that settings default.


Enjoy the old REPL window while it lasts, if you like, because it won't be long. 😃 Actually. We will move the relevant keybindings over to the new window and then remove the old window. I'm hoping it will happen within a week.


Yeah I see no reason this can't work (in fact it gets closer to Emacs comint buffers where you can navigate around more freely). Was just a bit disorienting to begin with, and I kept hitting lockups and errors when autoreload happened (which it appeared to without even saving?)


The test runner starts with saving the file. And test on save triggered on saving the output window file... And we save that file when we have written to the window... A toxic mix!