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Grant Isom19:07:15

@borkdude I opened a PR to clj-kondo.lsp to add the ability in the settings of the extension. Its a small change, but I think it useful.


@grant.isom Awesome, I'll take a look soon. How do you edit these settings on VSCode? Is there a GUI or something for it?

Grant Isom20:07:35

@borkdude You add some config to the package.json, then you can specify the field types and read from them. I am making a couple quick updates to let it accept anything just like cli would.


Excellent. That would be most flexible

Grant Isom20:07:15

I also just kinda guessed on the description text and name, let me know if there is something better suited.


I'll let you make the updates and let me know when I should look again

Grant Isom20:07:33

Sounds good!


ok, it's getting late here, so I'll take a look tomorrow

👍 3