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Hello again fellow chestnuts. I'm having a bit of trouble with live reloading. Specifically, project.clj has this line:

:figwheel {:on-jsload "my-app.system/reset"}
This triggers the my-app.components.ui component to reset, which triggers the core namespace's (render) function to be called, in turn causing re-frame to dispatch the :initialize-db event. The issue is that this clears my entire app-db...say for example that I'm working on some complex workflow, I'm building up app state via the UI, make a code edit, and poof, the app state I've been building up vanishes on system reset. Is there a way around this? I could sync state to local storage via some kind of interceptor, but that seems heavy handed.


yeah, defonce is the way to go for persistent app state


it'd be nice to have a cljs system with the suspendable API to handle things like this, but that's only a wishlist item rn - there isn't anything I've seen that requires more than a defonce yet.