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Since nobody has reacted, The website I’m building now is (fro now) contained in a single docker container. I just make a fat jar, and use a java image. I don’t really see the point in using a clojure image unless you want to use a repl inside your container or something.


@gklijs thanks for your feedback.


What I was thinking is to use a clojure image to have the same environment on dev and prod


could be, but on dev you most likely have some repl open and/or reloading which you don’t have in prod anyway. In my experience development is often a lot easier without a container. But it depends, if you have some other services to connect to it might be easier to have a docker compose for dev and prod, where in the dev version you do have some reloading, but have all your connection configured the same way as on prod.


I worked on a javascript where we use docker. The advantage is that you just pull the image, it deploys all stuff you need (db...) and you have the same environment than production


and in a config file you have the tools & var different for each environment