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Is there a calva specific way to rename a binding, so it knows what the scope is, not just a regular, global find and replace?


I think “Rename Symbol” setting in VSCode does that


Ah, excellent! I was just going through the calva commands. Thanks

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Indeed. It’s a bit of a paradox that the VS Code commands sometimes get a bit less discoverable.


Consider saying hello in the #lsp channel as well and tell them you’re happy with the rename command, It is the power of clojure-lsp that Calva sources for this.


hi! thank you for this super extension, it has helped me a ton working with Clojure in VSCode. i have had one issue that i've been unable to resolve regarding Calva Jack-In REPL and Figwheel Main, namely that i cannot get Calva REPL to connect. it gets stuck in ; Hooking up nREPL sessions... and all i can see in VSCode Calva Connection Log is Socket closed. i have tried this both with Jack-In and connecting to running REPL server (copied REPL dependencies to deps.edn and started app manually). i'm not sure what the problem could be related to, and i started learning Clojure just two months ago, so i might be missing a bunch of knowledge here. any pointers are much appreciated. 🙂


Hello. Glad Calva is of help! And sad that sad that jack-in fails for that project. Can you test with a fresh Figwheel Main project and see if you have the issue then? I should try it myself, but am tight on time right now. Also, describe your process for jacking in. What menus you get, what you select in them, and such. Maybe we can figure out what goes wrong easier then.


hi! i looked into generating a fresh Figwheel Main app from the template and it indeed worked as expected. i checked out the difference between it and my current project and noticed that i was launching the Calva REPL with alias that had :main-opts defined. as this was an "inherited" project i did not know that it could be removed and the build would still work when using Calva REPL, so i tried it and it did the trick! i now got the REPL working with my project. thank you for the help!