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Teemu Kaukoranta13:06:43

How do you cast strings to enums with honeysql? Found some discussion from the slack archive, but I can't figure out what is the types/as-other that is being referenced.

Teemu Kaukoranta13:06:39

Well, I guess I can just add the casting stuff to the string myself


types/as-other is next.jdbc not honeysql

Teemu Kaukoranta15:06:06

ah, that explains it

Teemu Kaukoranta15:06:36

I had to do this a bit differently than I at first thought anyway. In case someone finds this message later, here's the approach I used


Yeah, if you’re using, you need to extend ISQLValue. That’s one of the nice things about next.jdbc: you can use any of the built-in JDBC types as “hints”, via the next.jdbc.types namespace: