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If you search the VS Code marketplace for Programming Language extensions and sort by Rating, you get this nice picture. (TL;DR; Calva is #3!) Can we push it higher? 😀;category=Programming%20Languages&amp;sortBy=Rating

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RT’d and also gave it a 5-star review.

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Thanks, @U04V70XH6! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


Hi. Trying out calva, coming from nvim. How can I completely reset the repl? Data I printed out is so large, that it just keeps printing and printing. I already stopped the evaluation, disconnected from nrepl and jacked in again, deleted the output file from the file explorer, but every time it just opens that 8k line output that keeps growing, slower and slower


Already printing out less than one new line a second


What is running that is writing to your repl?


IF you've got somethign stuck that is running even though you've done Interrupt current evaluation you may need to kill java? I've also seen this where I'm using CLJS, and I write some stupid infinite loop. Even after doing interrupt current evaluation is still pours out data, in this case closing the tab that was holding my instance stops it.


It was a map, that had (doto println)


Hm, which tab is that? I tried closing the output, and disconnecting the repl and starting a new one, but it still kept trying to render the previous output


I mean for CLJS, the actual tab in my browser I'm connected to.


Disconnecting and jacking in has at least gotten new deps from deps.edn in, so I kinda thought it would be fresh


Ah, not, was JVM, no JS


In the end I closed whole VSCode, but that seems less than optimal

Ryan Jerue19:06:09

Maybe just kill your nrepl and clicking “disconnect” you can also usually just ctrl + c to kill the terminal instance that get’s spawned with starting an nREPL.


That's what I tried


Hm, but didn't try to kill the terminal, if the disconnect doesn't do that

Ryan Jerue19:06:14

Usually I get a message that says Killing the Jack-in process and it dies


Disconnect doesn’t kill the process. It only disconnects from it.


The Interrupt current evaluation command now stops any printing to the output window that was remaining. If you're seeing a case in which that's not true, steps to reproduce in a GitHub issue would be appreciated.


I see. I'll make a not to make a case. Should be simple enough as I was processing a huge CSV file, so just need to get a public huge file and do it on top of that

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