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Eric Uitbeijerse08:01:02

Hi, I've been using Calva for >2 months now but for some reason I cannot get the VS Code 'Outline view' to work. Any tips?


Hello, two months ago it wasn't enabled in Calva. But now it should work. Which version of Calva are you using?

Eric Uitbeijerse09:01:14

v2.0.151. I reinstalled earlier today to see if that fixed the issue (it didn't)

Eric Uitbeijerse09:01:12

(on Windows 10 btw)


That’s the latest and greatest. We have had Windows issues lately. Maybe this is one. Can you create a minimal repro that we can look at?

Eric Uitbeijerse10:01:44

You mean in github (I normally use Azure DevOps GIT)?


I’m not picky. 😃 But a repository we can clone that exposes the error.

Eric Uitbeijerse17:01:48

Must be something in my code/project, if I setup a new project outline view does work. Will investigate and let you know the root cause (if I find it:wink:).

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Great. Here’s hoping you find it. As I said, this is new functionality and we certainly has quirks to find.

Eric Uitbeijerse22:01:49

I'm able to reproduce the issue. I've uploaded a small example to The readme file has the details to reproduce the issue. Not sure if this is Calva related. I did remove the VSC 'Better comments' extension to rule that out as possible cause (no effect). Hope the example makes sense to you.


What’s your take on this, @UKFSJSM38?


Sorry but I don't known how Calva outline view works, it should shows symbols of the current ns? do you know what lsp method Calva request to clojure-lsp?


Not really. It just magically appears when we hook up the lsp. 😃


But I can investigate it some. Or maybe if @U9A1RLFNV has the time, he is more in the know of this than I am.


I believe VS Code is using the response from the textDocument/symbols lsp request, which I'm assuming is not returning symbols or something. I'll have to look at the trace logs for this when I have time


Thanks for the repro project! Made an issue to track it here:

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Yeah, probably it's what @U9A1RLFNV said 🙂


My awkward current • Sexp movement via ctrl+arrows. • Word selection via shift+ctrl+arrows. • Movement sometimes via word selection (in-sym/kw/str use) • killListForwardToClipboard used for delete, cut, or copy sexp list Should be pretty usable for folks that haven't used paredit before.

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