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I’m trying out malli for the first time. I’m using it to validate user entered options. I really like the humanize spell check support. Check out this helpful error message!

Invalid inline options: #:test-doc-blocks{:read-cond ["should be spelled :test-doc-blocks/reader-cond"]}
 file: doc/design/namespaced-elements.adoc line: 277


Anyhoo, thanks!

👍 9

I've yet to update malli since before it had an actual version number. Looks way more feature rich now.


the function schemas are in master, but not released. there is a bug with generating multi-arity functions and as the sequence/regex schemas are in, will add support for varags. Then good to release a new version. Hopefully much more and smaller releases after that.


btw, comments welcome on the malli.error/humanize output: few options how to fix that: