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Harley Waagmeester04:01:18

anyway.. monday i am boing to the hospital and see if i can get the immmmunizzzttionn

Harley Waagmeester04:01:11

i have underlying mental health mutiple conditions that should qualify me for a lot of injections

Harley Waagmeester04:01:35

and the xrays.... xrays from Mars and beyond into the golden light, i saw it, but i stayed here because people are funny


1d? We're 1b in the Bay Area and not getting our vaccinations yet. We just had to go get tested because one of our healthcare providers tested positive after one of their patients tested positive because the patient's family had a holiday family gathering 😞 We should get our results Tuesday or Wednesday I think.

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Harley Waagmeester04:01:36

complete ultimate satisfication for eternity lacks poverty, which said poverty acts as an incentive to gain ultimate satisfication

Harley Waagmeester04:01:56

me, diabetic, cancer, i can get it next week, is it a compensation for ill health, no, bit i'll take it

Harley Waagmeester04:01:16

i'm in south dakota


Ah, my condolences 🙂


Your governor is an idiot, right?

Harley Waagmeester04:01:27

thanks, nice of you


I meant, I'm checking that yours is the state with an idiot for a governor 🙂

Harley Waagmeester04:01:42

well... we don't have big inner city concerns, people need to take care of themselves, there are different life skills required, i lived and worked in LA and Phoenix, and i know the difference

Harley Waagmeester04:01:11

but we do have walmarts


"the" state, implying singular?


Brave words


True. One of the states with an idiot for a governor 🙂

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