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Does the output of running unit tests in Calva only show in the repl output window? I am sure I have seen a notification popup in the bottom right corner that shows test results? Was that Clover rather than Calva or did I miss a trick in configuring Calva?


It is only shown in the Output window. I don’t think we have ever shown it in some other way. Though @U0K592YDP once started a PR where the results where shown in the side bar. Today I think we would write a TestExplorer integration to achieve that.

Marc O'Morain18:01:32

The problem that I hit in my PR was the lack of docs for the cider / nREPL / clojure.tests integration.

Marc O'Morain18:01:57

It added the results to the Test Explorer pane.

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It definitely does do that in Clover.

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With Calva 2.0.151, linter is flagging this: #_:clj-kondo/ignore (defrecord Slug [rowid src target supp lrd-from lrd-to nseen]) with the error Unused declaration: Slug clojure-lsp(unused-public) Slug is in fact used in the program via the conversion function ->Slug When I use the command-line clj-kondo --lint on this file, however, it lints OK with no errors. How do I suppress the error message in Calva?


Is there a reason Calva uses a single ; for comment lines? Or am I doing something wrong and comment lines do start with the usual ;; double semi-colon ? I didn't find a way to customise the line comment, except by hacking `.vscode > extensions >betterthantomorrow.calva-2.0.151 > clojure.tmLanguage.json

"repository": {
		"comment": {
			"begin": "(?<!\\\\);;",
			"beginCaptures": {
				"0": {
					"name": "punctuation.definition.comment.clojure"
			"end": "$",
			"name": "comment.line.semicolon.clojure"


I’ve just noticed that I’m getting a clj-kondo warning saying that my -main function is an unused declaration. This certainly wasn’t happening a while ago, but I’m not sure when it did start. I’ve recently moved away from building with Leiningen and am now building with deps.edn which might be the cause? Or perhaps it’s something that’s changed within Calva? I’d welcome a nudge in the right direction.


this is probably not clj-kondo, but clojure-lsp saying this


Ah! Yes “Peek problem” says “clojure-lsp(unused-public)”


Nevertheless, it’s definitely new? Any idea why I’ve started getting the warning? And how to quieten it?


Thanks. And now that I know where to look, I can see that clojure-lsp was introduced into Calva last month, which explains why I’m getting the warning when I wasn’t before.


Yes, good news is that we are working on that PR and we ll try to merge it ASAP 🙂

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