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The over-Christmas changes to Calva have broken or changed some short cuts on OSX. So, in v2.0.134 jack in was ctrl-alt-C ctrl-alt-J. I don’t know what it is now as the docs still say that. Did ‘load-file-in-repl’ change too? My fingers remembered ctrl-shift-enter, but now it is crl-enter (which does agree with the docs - so my fingers may have been wrong.)


We haven’t changed the shortcut for jack-in. Something else might have broken though. Does the Jack-in command work if you run it from the command palette?


Load file is ctrl+alt+c enter, btw. ctrl+enter is for evaluating the current form.


And none of these have changed recently. 😃


Thanks @pez. That was indeed a red herring - I tracked it down to a clash with shortcuts installed by the Deepl app.


Glad to hear, @grumplet!


@pez I wanted to say as a super beginner im very happy with calva. It helps me in learning clojure

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So happy you are telling us, @roelof! Please don’t hesitate to do what @gldidonna did yesterday. (He posted a sweet review, there’s a link in the topic of this channel.) 😍