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VSpaceCode provides excellent Vim-style editing and mnemonic text menu for driving VS Code from the keyboard. No more complex key bindings to remember or twist your fingers into strange positions. Key bindings to specifically use Calva for Clojure / ClojureScript / Edn files have been accepted and merged. The VSpaceCode setup is quite straight forward and only requires a remap of the Esc key. I suggest replacing it with Shift-Esc and the same Calva command is available via , e l (eval results clear) within the new Calva key bindings. Details of the suggested remap are in the install guide I've created I've added a quick user guides in the Practicalli Clojure book, although if you have used Spacemacs before it should be very straight forward to use. VSpaceCode also includes Edamagit, a magit-like Git client, proving a sophisticated text-based UI for driving Git and pushing to remote repositories. I used Edamagit to commit and push changes for the Calva key binding pull request and found it very easy to use.

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Awesome! I must try this.


Is there a shortcut to directly jack into a leiningen repl? the extra click is a bit annoying 😄