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Synqrinus is hiring a Technology Director. The company is a marketing consulting firm in Toronto, Canada made up of ~25-30 people. There is an option for fully remote even after COVID if you find yourself located across the world from Toronto. The engineering team is critical to the the whole consulting process. The director role is a hands on position, meaning you'd get plenty of opportunity to work with Clojure yourself! Full posting is attached in the PDF and feel free to message here or DM me if you want more information

Mirae Lee21:01:05

Hello from - a machine learning SaaS application (Clojure, Go) company in Toronto, Canada! If you haven’t heard of us, no worries. In case you’re interested, our Co-Founder and CTO, Alex Hudek has also presented;ab_channel=Clojure%2Fnorth (and on why we chose Clojure) at Clojure North back in 2019 (a.k.a., pre-pandemic that feels like more than a decade ago). Our team who’s enhancing our ML-based, document analysis tool is looking for an intermediate Software Developer to join us. The main focus of the team that this role is working on our bread and butter - enhancing document analysis. We are scaling up, modernizing the architecture, and developing new products and features. We have a group of smart, friendly, and awesome colleagues, not to mention 😉 Please check out our to learn more and feel free to send me a slack or an email <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>