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@sakalli hard to tell what went wrong without seeing a more detailed error message.

Yehonathan Sharvit13:01:13

@bozhidar I just watched on YouTube your and I loved it

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Yehonathan Sharvit13:01:21

I have used Cider (in Spacemacs) for a couple of years and today I learned about tracing, profiling, enlighten mode, view images in the REPL, sign in the gutter where a form has been evaled, Clojuredocs in Emacs, eval sexp up to point. And most importantly it’s a real pleasure to watch the master clj:man-surfing: in action!


@viebel Thanks for the kind words! The master is a bit out of practice lately, but he hopes to make up some of the lost ground in 2021. 🙂


any reasons why cider-auto-test-modewould stop working?


it hasn't been working for a while, the value of the var is definitively t but loading a test file doesn't trigger the test to run


@andrea.crotti I don't recall any recent changes to the test-related functionality. Please, file a bug report about this.


yeah cool I'll double check in different projects/machines


and report if I can reproduce it all the times


actually interestingly if I just disable auto-test-mode and then enable it again it works


I totally forgot I'm in this channel and it may have not needed be a github issue: I can't get the clojuredocs via cider/nrepl.