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@borkdude ctrl+c kills the terminal (and therefore the repl running in it) for me. As @chuck.cassel mentioned, it looks like for you vs code (maybe some extension?) is waiting on you to complete some chord. Maybe try disabling all extensions and then seeing if ctrl+c kills the repl/terminal. Though if some extension were binding those keys to something (some chord), it should show in your keyboard shortcuts.


On the topic of using this channel for vscode general help. I totally love it. I’m still thrilled that I can read red on black in the vs code terminal now. Since I asked here and @sogaiu didn’t have the same mental blockers as I had so he could help me look for the settings in the right place.


lol, we can use each other as work-arounds for our mental blockers...i love it 🙂


yes, this channel rocks


does anyone use the Sync Settings extension? I tried it but I can't find where it actually stores the gist


Mine is in the gist called cloudSettings


You should be able to find its id under sync.gist key in the preferences file


I use it. Afk atm so can't really check, but I'll get back to you if you don't figure it out before.