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oxalorg (Mitesh)07:09:52

Making bash scripts idempotent is a huge pain. We've upgraded to Ansible for most small scale projects and ansible + packer + terraform for larger ones.


What are you all using for hosting Clojure Applications in the cloud? I am currently researching options for hosting a SaaS application with some databases and supporting services like prometheus and keycloak in the background. I need quick deployments and infrastructure as code… and really do not want to start using Kubernetes. was new to me but looks good, but how established are they? Will they still be there in 3 years? AWS ECS seems like the safer bet, currently, no?


AWS elastic beanstalk is a good starting point, but you lose some control


And deployments aren’t as fast as they could be


There was some discussion in #aws recently, ECS and Fargate are more flexible and faster to deploy it seems


For small deployments Dokku is really convenient and has a ton of plugins


Thanks for the suggestions! Will look into all of it. I heard the same things about Beanstalk in this Twitter Thread:


@javahippie for us (ECS+ Fargate) it's a matter of minutes (ignoring container build time, as that can vary)

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Thanks for the insight, that’s good to know!