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Hello everyone, today I'm releasing [com.wsscode/js-interop "0.0.1"], this library provides an alternative way to read CLJS data structures from JS using JSON-like interface. Check more details at the release post, and I open a discussion space on Clojureverse Library code at Cheers!

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hello, no, wasn't aware, seems a nice library for dealing with JS obj directly, the thing I'm doing is quite different with JS proxy, do you think the name is an issue?


I also use for pretty much all my projects.


@U066U8JQJ not sure, maybe a renaming the artifact to com.wsscode/js-data-interop to unify with the github repo if it’s not too much work? But also not a big deal I think, guess it’s what namespaces are for.


I'm not attached to the name, I'll change to js-data-interop in a next release to reduce confusion 👍

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