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Calva devs (and aspiring Calva devs): I*ve updated the How to Contribute wiki page with some info on how to link PRs to issues they are addressing, and generally keep the issues updated with the work being done on them in PRs. Also added an instruction about updating the file, which I had forgotten to mention before.


I didn’t find any other reasons, but I have a question about parentheses balancing. Who is responsible for that? Paredit?


I was experimenting and even with the following settings:

"editor.autoClosingBrackets": "never",
  "calva.lintOnSave": false,
  "calva.fmt.formatAsYouType": false,
  "calva.fmt.indentation": false,
  "clojure.format.enable": false,
  "calva.fmt.newIndentEngine": false,
  "calva.fmt.removeTrailingWhitespace": false,
they are closed automatically.


Calva sets them to close automatically for clojure files. Enter the "[clojure]" key in the settings file and it should autofill all Calva defaults for you.


Calva-devs: The repo now has a Pull Request Template, containing a checklist of the things outlined in How to Contribute. I used the template for this PR:


Dear Calva-friends: Now there is a pre-release of the next version of Calva for you to help test. It contains the following changes: * [Better inline evaluation error reports with file context]( * [Escape HTML in stdout and stderr in REPL window]( * [Adding default messaage handler for the nrepl]( * [Add command for connecting to a non-project REPL]( * [Add hover to inline result display, containing the full results]( You find the VSIX package here:


Thank you @PEZ


The last pre-release contained a horrible bug. I have removed it and now you should use this instead:


Hey guys, looking to help out with simple fixes on calva as I build confidence in my clojure hacking.


That’s great, @harmmatan!


Does anyone have any especially recommended ready for vscode extension dev? I'm new to the environment and a little lost on how extension host plugs into things.


I'm taking a crack at this: if that is helpful