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@lspector is not alone. Adapting to a new way of thinking about code (Lisp) is plenty of cognitive load. Trying to simultaneously adapt to a new way of thinking about typing is more than I can handle.

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I think structural editing is super awesome and helpful. And I love that it is there for me to summon at will. Having the editor add balancing brackets is also wonderful for me, so I always try to configure that in any editor I use, for any typing. Even prose. I've introduced quite a few people to coding over the years, never seen anyone struggle because of the editor auto-inserting parens. But I guess it is configurable for a reason.


Hi Guys, I just had a small question that I need to ask. I have my parent directory where my front-end and back-end projects are. My front-end project is using shadow-cljs and I can't connect to it's nrepl because it is complaining about the shadow-cljs.edn. Now if I want to connect to it, I have to open my front-end project in a separate VSCode window. So what I wanted to ask is that if there is a way to pass a path of my shadow-cljs.edn file so that all my repls are in the same window?


I've created for the issues in REPL I've found. Probably will add more.


Does calva support edn formatting? I've tried Tab in editor and 'Format document' command. Neither worked.


@cheatex, thanks for reporting. Very strange. Also this edn issue is strange. Yes, Calva formatting should work in .edn files. It works when I try it...


@punit-naik, currently you will need to use different VS Code windows for those projects. You are welcome to file a Feature Request on Github. However, I currently do not have an idea how to support the setup better.

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Dear calva-friends: I need help putting this build to some real world testing. Here are the two test cases it addresses:

(foo| #_)

Put the cursor where I have marked with | and hit enter. With the current Calva, you should see that formatting fails in both cases. Quite spectacularly in the latter case. The attached build fixes the latter case and mitigates the first case some. tab formatting still doesn't work in the first case. (It is due to a bug in rewrite-cljs, that I need to isolate and report.)

David Reno11:07:02

couple of noob questions if I may: 1. I don’t see any screen designation when I’ve evaluated an s-exp. I’m comparing this to spacemacs where there’s a little green bar on the left letting me know that something has been evaluated. Does Calva not have this? 2. I found Clojure: eval and show the result but I don’t see a default key binding. Is the intent that a user add their own keybindings? I tried ⌘-k ⌘-e and it seems to work.


@dcreno it looks like you are not using Calva. Maybe you are using the Clojure extension?

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David Reno13:07:28

should I install this one? > Calva: Clojure & Clojurescript Interactive Programming

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Yes. It is a bit confusing with all the different extensions, but uninstall the Clojure one, and install Calva.


Hi all. Is there any way to get autocomplete of standard library functions in Calva? I've tried several times both on Mac and Ubuntu, but cannot get anything other than the naive word autocomplete to show up


the repl is jacked in and working, and current namespace is loaded


@vadim.galaktionov , it certainly sounds like a dependency problem. Did you jack in, or did you use connect? If the former, you might have some old cider/nrepl stuff in the project file. If the latter, try the former. 😀