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Hey everyone! I'd like to announce panthera ( panthera is a way to access dataframes from Clojure passing through Pandas and Numpy. At the moment is still in the alpha stage and things can and will break for a while, but I hope in a couple of weeks to release the first non-alpha version. At this stage any kind of feedback is very appreciated! 😄

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release 0.2.0

Daniel Slutsky20:07:04

Hi. In August, we will begin a series of web meetings about data visualization and literate programming in Clojure. On the first meeting, Friday, Aug 9th, 5pm-7pm UTC, @metasoarous will talk about Oz. If you are interested in this series, it is recommended to follow this topic here at the Clojurians Zulip. If you wish to suggest a topic for this series of meetings, it would be great to suggest it under that topic, or in a private message. Related tweet: