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I had the same experience with docs etc about this — I resorted to looking at the source to figure out the correct interceptors for what I want.

Braden Shepherdson13:07:54

I'm loving the power and flexibility of Pedestal, despite the friction of the incomplete and sometimes inaccurate docs.

Braden Shepherdson13:07:43

in particular, I'm delighted with how I can use all of the interceptor machinery in some code intended to handle actions taken in a turn-based game.


@orestis, yeah the docs are a lagging and a constant wip. Please create issues in the repo whenever you encounter incorrect information! It’s greatly appreciated 🙂


Oh, I didn’t realize it’s a separate repo. I’ll have a look once I’m back in that area of my app.

Braden Shepherdson13:07:40

using a "router" that matches action keywords to their interceptor chains. that lets me write interceptors that eg. check it's your turn, or that a move is legal before enacting it.

Braden Shepherdson13:07:45

and unlike in most languages, where this kind of thing is a "pattern" I have to reimplement, it's just code I can reuse.

Braden Shepherdson20:07:36

I'm struggling with reloading the server. sometimes it seems to get wedged, and even though I'm doing a reload-all of my top-level server, and then restarting it, I'm getting the old set of routes and interceptors.


couple that with run-dev and you should see your route changes take effect