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Is there a reason Paredit’s join and raise fns aren’t supported? There’s no reference in the Calva Paredit keymap, and I see some commented-out lines in calva/paredit/extension.ts.


@kingmob , it is a long story. 😀 Remind me to answer this, please. I can't right now.


Right, so maybe I have some time now. @kingmob, the reason is that Calva uses paredit.js in the editors, and it does not have a very rich set of Paredit features. For the REPL window we have written a new Paredit ”engine”, which is more feature complete. So, in the REPL window you actually can do both join (`alt+shift+j`) and raise (`alt+r`). But at least the latter feels a bit buggy to me. The commented-out lines you find are a paused effort to start using the new Paredit engine in the editor.


Ah, ok. Thanks for sharing. Will the new engine make it back to the editor?


That's the idea. Not sure how easy it would be, though.


@pez: I was tryin' to help someone out and we ran into this again today


any updates on what to do about this when we install clojure with the instructions on (specifically:


@pez I understand that you and many others like auto-insertion of brackets, but FWIW teaching programming has long been my day job, and I don't think I have ever taught a class using a tool that auto-inserts brackets in which this hasn't been a pain point for a significant subset of the students. I also understand that the bug preventing turning this off without editing config files (another pain point) is VSCode's and not yours, but (again, just FWIW) I doubt my experience on this is unique, particularly for people teaching new programmers.