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@lspector, I can't reproduce the problem with Calva 1.3.65. The error message you get indicates that you don't have a proper repl connection. Can you tell me the steps you take to start the repl and connect calva?


@pez Here are the steps that produce the error: - Download - In a MacOS terminal, cd into the template directory and run lein repl - When that finishes, launch VSCode, open the template project, and open core.cljs - Execute Calva: Connect and hit return in the dialog that asks for the port, which was autofilled correctly to match the port from the message printed in the MacOS terminal (for example, localhost:65254). It appears to connect. - Execute Calva: Evaluate current file, and get a popup at the bottom of VSCode saying "Cannot read property 'loadFile' of null" - Add an expression to the file and try Calva: Evaluate current top level form and nothing appears in Calva says. Going through the same steps but in a project created with lein new foo works fine.


It does look like I'm running Calva 1.3.65, in VSCode 1.33.1, in MacOS 10.14.3


Also running the Calva Clojure Formatter and Clojure Warrior extensions.


How do I switch between Clojure and ClojureScript REPL?


I know in shadow-cljs, you can type :cljs/quit in the CLJS REPL and it will drop you back to the CLJ REPL


however, that might not be what you want. you might need two REPLs if you want to have them open at the same time