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How is everyone else handing larger inline results?


I was wondering if we might just show longer inline results in the repl or output window?


Yes, the inline results should be truncated to something rather short.


@srijayanth, no worries, I did not take it as a feature request or critique. It's a valid question and hopefully we will be able to answer it by empirically confirming that there's no particular reason. 😄


Hi, I'm a vim user and evaluating calva for clojurescript code. I have vim bindings installed on code and it works on regular files but on clojure ones it does not. Is this related to calva ?


Hi! Is it generally, or is it just the ESC key that is the problem?


I'm on a cljs file and hit esc and cannot type vim commands. On a new buffer that is not clojure it works


Calva binds ESC to dismissing the display of inline evaluation results. Either re-bind Calva's default or the vim plugin's default.


There is a closed issue on Github discussing this. I recommend checking that one out for more info.


(And we should probably mention this in the README <- reminder to self).


Thank you @pez. I'm evaluating calva for cljs use. If I do not use it for day to day I'll use to teach clojure here. Because it looks very approachable for the begginer


In fact the Vim cljs workflow is terrible 🙂


We're workinhg on making it more approachable, but with your experience you can guide people through the initial setup horror. 😃


There's one feature on vim's paredit plugin that im addicted it's pressing ( and ) to navigate around the code. it looks like it' s ctrl up and ctrl down just a matter of rebiding too isn't it


had to add && && vim.mode != 'Insert' to the condition and rebind to ( . Let's see how it goes :)


even after setting default keymap to strict I can delete and make unbalanced parens. Do you have idea why ?


If I activate vim keymap the strict mode does not work. Is there a workaround ?


Strict mode is really just a keybinding for backspace (and maybe del, I don't remember right now). So it could be that default vim bindings also binds backspace.


just writing a very simple Calva quick start guide for our ClojureBridge event this weekend. Are the current dependency versions correct for an install of Calva on Friday (1st March):

org.clojure/tools.nrepl - 0.2.13
cider/cider-nrepl - 0.19.0


@jr0cket Is the Calva readme that outdated? 😃


Here's the jack-in command used in the branch where jack-in is enabled:

/usr/local/bin/lein update-in :dependencies conj "[nrepl \"0.5.3\"]" -- update-in :dependencies conj "[cider/piggieback \"0.3.10\"]" -- update-in :plugins conj "[cider/cider-nrepl \"0.20.0\"]" -- update-in "[:repl-options :nrepl-middleware]" conj "[\"cider.nrepl/cider-middleware\"]" -- update-in "[:repl-options :nrepl-middleware]" conj "[\"cider.piggieback/wrap-cljs-repl\"]" -- repl :headless


(If you jack-in to a lein project, that is...)


The readme is verbose for our purposes and the dependencies are actually on a separate page, the getting started page, which doesnt tell you how to use calva, but that is on the README page. Need to keep things as simple as possible, as we have people who have never programmed...


so we just need something extremely simple.


Anyway, so nrepl, not tools.nrepl, and 0.5.3 works good. And for cider-nrepl, 0.20.0 works well.


I am sure its all there, we just have limited time for install if we want to spend all the time learning clojure


Ah perfect, thanks


The getting started and the readme is a mess. I think I have enabled public editing on the wiki, so feel free to rewrite it.


so the getting started is out of date then it seems. Happy to do a pull request of changes when I have a bulletproof guide for ClojureBridge


thanks for all the hard work on this project, its great to see how quickly its evolving...


The readme needs a pull request, but for the getting started I think you should be able to just edit away. Super happy you are writing that guide!


If you are ever in London, UK and want to talk about Calva at one of the London Clojurians events, just let me know. We would love to hear from you. I might also do some online talks (once ClojureBridge is over). Thanks again.


I assume jack-in is not ready for prime time yet and we should still start a REPL with 'lein repl' first and then connect.


Here's a version of Calva with both the new REPL window and the start of jack-in support enabled.


Happy for that standing invite! @mseddon is located in the UK at least.


The jack-in is not ready for prime time, right. But works pretty well for ”standard/plain” projects.

Jacob Haag20:02:45

Why do I get this message when there are tests

Jacob Haag20:02:10

Why do I get this error when I try running tests with calva (and there are in fact tests)?

No tests found. 😱, ns: 0, vars: 0
Evaluating file: validations_test.clj
=> #'slm.atlas.validations-test/get-validation-cross-field-info-test
Running namespace tests…