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@nonrecursive Ugh, I'm sorry I've let this channel go. Should I shut it down so it doesn't reflect poorly on your work (if that hasn't already happened)?


@echristopherson oh my gosh don’t even think that! I’m the one that’s been neglecting the various forums for the book. I just appreciate that you were enthusiastic about it 🙂


I'm looking forward to more Atoms.


Yeah… that was fun while it was going. I’m hoping to get things back into shape in the next few months


Step one is to finish the reducers book, and then I should be able to put together some more atoms 🙂 though actually I’ve been spending a decent amount of time on some libraries that are close to release


I feel like everything is close to done all the time but my circumstances have improved lately to the point I actually feel confident about finishing and releasing


I need to jump back into learning and coding.


what have you been up to?


heh I realize that’s coming out of the blue - if you want to shut down the channel I’m cool with it 🙂 there really isn’t any activity here