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Sithabiso Makhathini16:11:46

Hi there, I am new to biff and babashka so this might be a boo boo question; I am getting an error when trying to run bb dev in my project dir (ran bash <(curl -s ) to create the project). This is the error I am getting;

Error: Could not find or load main class
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
Error while executing task: dev
Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?

Jacob O'Bryant16:11:43

hmm, not sure why that'd be happening. does it work if you run bb --force -e nil; bb dev ?

Jacob O'Bryant16:11:26

what version of babashka are you on? (did you just install it?)

Sithabiso Makhathini16:11:29

Doesn’t seem to be working:(

Sithabiso Makhathini16:11:37

I have version babashka v1.0.165 for babashka

Jacob O'Bryant16:11:06

👍 I'll try running it with that version once I'm at my desk and see if I can reproduce the error. in the mean time, you could run the shell commands directly instead of using babashka. see here: basically you'd need to install tailwind, run it in a separate terminal, then run clj with various arguments. (I'd paste the commands, but inconvenient on a phone 🙂)

Sithabiso Makhathini16:11:10

Don’t sweat it, I am sure this will help me a bunch. Thank you so much.

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Jacob O'Bryant19:11:41

Just installed the same bb 1.0.165 and it works for me, so problem must be something else. Some other things to try: • Does bb hello work? (it should print Hello there.) • Does bb --debug dev give any useful-looking output? • Does clj -M -m com.example work if you replace com.example with whatever you chose as the main namespace for your project?