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borkdude12:11:48 Configurable EDN/Clojure parser with location metadata • Fix read-cond assumes LineNumberingIndexReader • Optimization: reset source logging buffer when reading source Channel: wherever you can reach me and in doubt #borkdude-misc ;)

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Mitchell Hashimoto has Hashicorp, so… how about “Borkcorp” (and hence #borkcorp)? I think it has a pretty nice ring to it. “Purveyors of fine open-source Clojure software.” 🙃


Pedestal 0.5.11-beta-1 Pedestal is a set of batteries-included libraries for building HTTP-based services and applications. We are pleased to announce the first beta of Pedestal 0.5.11; this release primarily addresses out-of-date dependencies and security issues. Documentation: GitHub page: Significant changes: - Now built using deps.edn - pedestal-jetty: Upgraded version of Jetty to 9.4.48.v20220622 to address known CVEs - Bumped many other dependencies for security and compatibility with Clojure 11 - pedestal-log: Fixed issues that made it difficult to override the built-in implementation of logging - pedestal-jetty: Removed blocking I/O inside a go block when using a WebSocket connection

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great to see this moving forward.


any plans to use newer jetty versions? 10 - 11 (uses jakarta API) ?


Short answer: Yes. Long answer: We decided to prioritize getting a release out with fixes for known CVEs before coming up with a longer range strategy for supporting newer versions of Jetty.


We (myself and @U0FRJF287) are very excited to revitalize Pedestal and its documentation.

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sounds great


loking further for future releases


would love to test a release with version 10.x