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Jacob O'Bryant03:08:40

I finished overhauling Platypub's data model. It's on a separate branch currently and will be merged to master soon. If anyone wants to try it out, see the upgrade instructions here: The new data model is much more extensible. Themes can define arbitrary data types. The default theme defines data types for "Posts" and "Pages." With this out of the way, next thing I'm planning to do with platypub is to write some more docs for contributors. I'd like to flesh out the roadmap and make some more detailed issues to get us from here to platypub's "end state" (as currently envisioned).

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Jacob O'Bryant18:08:08

I just upgraded my own production instance of platypub and have merged the changes into master: > To upgrade: after you've pulled in the new commit and started the app, go to repl.clj and evaluate (migrate-items!). > > NOTE: if you're using a custom theme, you will need to update it. See the files under themes/default/ at If you don't want to update your theme immediately, you may want to hold off on upgrading Platypub until you have time to do so.

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Would an editable item in Biff follow the pattern at or are there any tweaks/gotchas I should know about?


Iā€™m making a data table where the rows will be click-to-edit.


Actually, forgive the question: I should attempt to implement it before posting here. Disregard. šŸ™‚

Jacob O'Bryant20:08:28

No worries šŸ™‚. You can do it any way you want, Biff doesn't dictate anything in that regard. i.e. the htmx click-to-edit would be fine, or you could have the "edit" button redirect to an entirely new edit page (which is what platypub does). though for a data table that you want to edit inline, the htmx example is probably the way to go.

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That's where the fun lives šŸ˜ ...then share what you've learned and ask the more-informed questions you'll have. I'm trying to learn this lesson.

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