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I wonder, isn’t AutoCloseable from java.lang being accessbiel by default ?


In the above example, I have type java.lang.AutoCloseable


Sorry. This is a clj-kondo question. I will ask there.


Hey so on the website in the 'Contribute to Calva' section, it mentions about becoming a sponsor, but doesn't say how to become a sponsor. I would recommend opening a Patreon account or something like that and linking to it on that contributing page so that there is a way for people to sponsor the project.


I guess the website needs a clear link through to that?


GH seems to only allow you to sponsor contributors directly, not the org -- but there are all sorts of financial complications around trying to have an org that accepts and distributes sponsorship monies.


I think it would be helpful for sponsors to be able to contribute to the project itself (I don't really have the background or context to determine what should be the distribution of funds to each person I think it's better for the owner to decide that.


@UEH6VEQQJ Logistically, that sort of thing is really hard since each of the contributors is likely in a different tax context etc.


(but this thread did prompt me to actually sponsor @U0ETXRFEW which I should have done ages ago!)

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I thought maybe the org took funding directly because of these kinds of sponsors but if not that's ok

Lukas Domagala18:08:55

Yeah, that’s kind of difficult. @U0ETXRFEW is officially the owner, but sending everything to him and then having him distribute it among us would be problematic for multiple reasons and would waste time/money along the way. We currently just mention that it’s up to the sponsor to try to distribute it among our team if it’s a big sum or throw it to whoever seems the most needy in his message 😉

Lukas Domagala18:08:55

And those sponsors mostly sponsor one or two of us. It’s sadly a difficult problem


It was a while before GH was able to roll out sponsorship support beyond the US which I know prevented Cognitect from sponsoring several OSS folks at the beginning.

Lukas Domagala18:08:15

yeah even now I’m guessing I’ll lose more time/money on taxes than I’ll get from my sponsors, but it’s nice to see that the work is appreciated 🙂


I’ve thought about and I think discussed the org funding model with @U0ETXRFEW before, but it is indeed a hard problem. Besides taxes, the issue of “fair” distribution isn’t easy with open source. None of us spend the same amount of time in a given time period on Calva, and we also don’t want anyone to feel obligated to spend some amount time because Peter / the org is paying them x amount of the total funding per time period (for example - if that were the distribution model). It’s just overall simpler to have people sponsor individuals.

Lukas Domagala21:08:07

Yeah, I agree with the spread being a problem. When I got my clojurists sponsorship I was actually less motivated to build the feature than I was before. Suddenly I was wondering if the “per hour” was worth it. I’m already struggling with a bad conscience for not doing that much Calva stuff right now, so getting the exact same share of the pie as @U9A1RLFNV and @U0ETXRFEW would not help. With general github sponsors it feels more like a tip for the work I already did and as a thank you, so it’s actually motivating to see 🙂

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Try not to have a bad conscience about lack of contributing to Calva! There’s no obligation, and you should only do it if you really want to and it brings you joy. I have had similar feelings at times. It’s probably common in the OSS world, at least when sponsorship is involved.

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Lukas Domagala21:08:09

I’m already doing the “try” part 😉

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I added a sentence near the top of the sponsors page (linked from the How to Contribute page) to make it clearer how to sponsor Calva.

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Lukas Domagala18:08:18

So I built a prototype of Calva notebooks. WDYT?

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Daniel Slutsky18:08:14

Interesting!! Is the code in those cells editable? Is it possible to display general html in the output?

Lukas Domagala18:08:06

the code is editable, but I haven’t built saving yet 😅 but shouldn’t be very difficult the output is currently just text, but I’m hoping I can somehow put portal views (or something similar) into the output. once clojure-lsp is done with the move away from lsp4j I’ll add in all the normal autocomplete and stuff as if you were in a normal file. I’ve got that working for our internal LSP but since the move is nearly done I think it makes sense to wait.


This is exciting!


Good stuff!

Lukas Domagala21:08:21

I’ve created a draft PR so if anyone want’s to play with it:

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Lukas Domagala00:08:37

@U066L8B18 html is working now. it’s going to treat it as html if the return is a string that starts with <html. I’ll make that better at some point, but I think it’s a nice starting point. And I’ve had a long conversation with @U1G869VNV about integrating portal views. Our current thinking is that he’s going to do some changes to the portal vscode extension so that if you have it installed it’s going to provide a “portal notebook renderer” for the mime type we are returning. Thus once he’s done it should magically show up as a display option.

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Lukas Domagala01:08:09

Saving is now also mostly working. I’m kind of destroying whitespace right now, so treat with care 🙂 but here’s a test version to play with: