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Daniel Shriki14:07:27

Hi, I'm working on a clojure project that was written with jdk 1.8 (adoptopenjdk 8). when I try to run repl he throws with No nREPL connection details received . using apple m1 chip. someone knows something?


Can you provide more details about your project? Also include full exception stack trace


The error message you show indicates the use of nREPL. Which likely means that somehow the editor is not communicating properly with the nREPL server. Which editor are you using? What tooling are you using for the project (lein? clojure cli?)? Is there a way you can start up a bare REPL (not nREPL) and see if that works?

Mark Wardle06:07:13

@U032ZPU44KD Are you using IntelliJ? Have you checked your REPL configuration?

Daniel Shriki07:07:23

Hi, tnx for the answers! I am using lein for this project - when I try to start repl process outside of the project scope it has no problems (using lein repl), I am using IntelliJ as the editor - the configurations are basic. Eventually I managed to make it work with different JDK (azul 1.8) istead of OpenJDK / Correto . I'm not sure if there can be issues if other developers are working on different vendors.

Daniel Shriki07:07:14

basic repl conf: