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Has anyone successfully connected a vim or cursive repl to nbb yet? If so, what did you need to set/change?


conjure and iced in neovim should work out of the box, since it doesn't make any assumptions about JVM-specific stuff. cursive: don't know the status of that, I think there's an issue about it


cursive likes to assume JVM and injects quite a bit at the start of a repl session


might have to try neovim. Thanks for the recommendation!


I was using fireplace for standard vim and it's not happy.


I have been using neovim+conjure, nbb via :ConjureConnect <PORT> works pretty nicely

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thinking of to expose nbb in tests to answer webhooks on my local machine. The webhook calls will be routed to an nbbfunction that will (in fact already is) deployed as a Lambda function URL. I would love to hear if anyone has done this before. Will also write it up once it's flowing FYI.

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