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Does anyone here use hickory for html parsing? I have this subset of the hickory format map

{:type :element, :attrs {:class "clear"}, :tag :br, :content nil}
{:type :element, :attrs {:class "dataTitle"}, :tag :div, :content ["Born"]}
"\nin Nottingham, England, , The United Kingdom\n"
{:type :element, :attrs {:class "clear"}, :tag :br, :content nil}
{:type :element, :attrs {:class "dataTitle"}, :tag :div, :content ["Website"]}
And I'd like to select the text that comes after the element with :content ["Born"] I can select that element with
  (s/find-in-text #"Born")
  (s/select html))
But I don't know how to get the text that comes after