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Hello, I have a nodejs repl server running. I can connect to it (with my terminal) and evaluate javascript. What do I need to be able to evaluate clojurescript instead? Preferably from vs code.


@tijmenvink, if you don't mind involving Clojure in the mix, I'd recommend #shadow-cljs


It looks to me like random-uuid is just using rand-int under the covers - is there a secure random uuid generator for cljs?


If you know Javascript / React, and know nothing of Clojure / Clojurescript. Where would you start? (With the goal of learning re-frame)

Michaël Salihi19:10:26

Hi @kevin.van.rooijen! You can starting to learrn Shadow-CLJS (CLJS building tool with very good interop with npm) and Reagent (React wrapper). Here you can find a free video course part: Did you already start reading the Re-frame docs ?


@admin055 Thanks for the links! I'm trying to help someone else learn Clojurescript / re-frame. Is this course suitable for people that don't know any Lisp?


And yeah, I thought the re-frame docs would be a bit intimidating since this person has no clojure knowledge yet


These videos look really good


FWIW the very first article to read should probably be this:

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Thanks, this is really good!