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When using vim-iced, I usually start my repl with iced repl -A:dev, which now gives a warning about using -M when invoking main. However, using -M:dev instead results in a FileNotFoundException. I assume vim-iced has its own internal list of recognized CLI options that it passes to clj ?


The -A alias should work for a while longer, but ideally vim-iced should also accept the -M option. It does sound like vim-iced has hard-coded the -A alias somewhere as -M and -A are interchangable at the moment (but not forever). From Clojure CLI tools onwards, when ever clojure.main is called, the -M flag should be used, although for the moment its just a warning. Running a REPL using Clojure CLI tools currently uses clojure main to start that repl.


If vim-iced can connect to an externally started REPL process, then to avoid the warning use that approach and you should be able to use -M for your aliases.

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Not everyone is using the newer version of Clojure CLI tools at the moment, so the -M option was not yet supported


@U05254DQM Thanks for your help!

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Gotcha, thanks! More than anything I wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong/missing something obvious.