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@moogey The docstrings mostly tell you this. When you're in the REPL (which should be pretty much always, right?), then (clojure.repl/doc some-name) is always your friend (as is (clojure.repl/source some-name) -- and most editors with REPL integration have shortcuts for both).


Hi, I would like to get a little help. I read in books and many places possible to do this. I don’t know what is the problem on the OSx. I try load ns in repl (not just empty ns) with (load "man_namespace/hello") and (in-ns 'man...) what is the problem? (before this I loaded manually the full source, but I would like to find a quicker and smarter solution)


I got everytime CompilerException java.lang.RuntimeException: No such namespace: error message.


How is the ns declared at the top of src/man_namespace/hello.clj?


I tried too and I got similar error message. Maybe something wrong config?


man-namespace is the ns seg for path seg man_namespace


Guys, can someone help with http-kit issue: I am doing multiple async GET calls and in callbacks I am doing another sync call And this get stuck on first calls:

(->> (range 0 4)
     (mapv (fn [i]
             (http/get ""
                       (fn [res]
                         (info "first callback")
                         (let [res @(http/get "")]
                           (info "second callback ")))))))
It print out 4s first callback messages and then stuck If I change the range to 0..3 it works, sync version also works


Hi everyone i'm newish and trying to understand how to use the repl. I am using (load "") to load my file and then (in-ns ' ) and I load my file I am working against. When I make changes what is the preferred way to reload? Is there some sort of watcher I can leverage?


if you want to reload a single namespace you can do (require 'your-namespace :reload)


but tools.namespace is a more complete solution that will reload all dependencies of stuff that changed etc.


Thanks. I saw that when looking around but wasn't sure if thats what was recommended. Thanks!