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morning morning morning


morning Hello everyone…


How are you all doing today..? I drove down to the Pier Café at Stronachlachar this morning in glorious sunshine - now, 45 minutes later it’s grey and drizzly… Seriously, WTF?

Rachel Westmacott09:07:29

it’s brightening up here quite nicely - just saw my first bit of blue sky for the day


blame the gulf stream @maleghast , then be thankful that you aren't living on the west coast of norway where the weather is even wetter and the winter days are even shorter

Rachel Westmacott09:07:56

...but the landscape is like Scotland turned up to 11


although, to be balanced, when it's having a good summer the west coast of norway is amazing


also, free education & healthcare, decent salaries for teachers, doctors, nurses etc


I am going to content myself with all of that @mccraigmccraig 🙂 I am genuinely quite content with where I am, just still a little thrown by the volatile micro climate I live in…


…but I do admit I would rather like to live in Norway and the West Coast is where I would pick 🙂