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hi, how do i set up a text editor so that it shows the return value of a function next to it like in this vid?


just realised i have to hit cmd+enter in light table 🙂 is this a commonly used editor for clojure?


Light table is less common than emacs, cursive, vi, atom, and sublime.


@rorysmith Check out ProtoREPL for Atom -- it does inline results next to code. It can also show values bound to locals across multiple calls, graphs of data, and so on. I switched to #protorepl after years of Emacs!


hi! i'm new to clojure - currently i'm using VS Code, but i'm thinking of learning Emacs/Spacemacs + CIDER part of the reason i went with VS Code in the first place is that Atom was very slow when i tried it (last year or the year before). has it improved on this front? would you recommend i learn Atom + ProtoREPL instead?


I can't speak for VS Code, but I've been very happy with Atom/ProtoREPL and we have a pretty big Clojure code base.


i'll take that as a 'worth a try'. thanks 🙂


i'll try it with atom - it will take me months to get used to emacs keybindings!