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have any of you guys worked with Django or other OOP web frameworks in the past. how have you liked developing in Clojure thus far


@barton no, never heard of it. Although i developed it myself i used it only sparingly, so i am happy for any kind of feedback :-)


@chadhs i tried several frameworks since mid 2000, rails, Django, lift, play, grails and a lot from the java EE stack. From all these i was most productive with grails, followed by Django. However, my search was never overt until i met the clj/cljs stack. In clojure i was the first time able to build reusable abstractions for myself in a very easy way. So, to summarize it, clj/cljs as a whole is my go to framework. The simplicity of the language together with the richness of the JVM is very powerful in my opinion.


@sveri: very cool thx for sharing. Copy pasting your response for sure to reread later :thumbsup:


Also, are you a datomic user or stick with MySQL/ Postgres


@chadhs: I tried it a few times and liked it from a developers point of view very much, especially after I finally understood datalog, all in all, from my very native point of view I would recommend it, two disadvantages I see are, 1. no integration into libs like korma and, from what I read (no lawyer myself), the license seems to be questionable in some regards. All in all I would recommend it, even if it is only for the learning experience


@sveri interesting, i was debating on whether i should go “all in” on all the cognitect things


since im learning Django for my first real gig, i was going to build a side project in both Django and Clj/Cljs and was debating on the database layer


@chadhs: I've just got my first real Clj/Cljs app running at work, and I think it was a good experience to keep the database layer using the same technology I'm used to.


Plus that way, you will know how to interact with normal SQL databases when you want to rebuild something with an existing DB.


Going to eventually try Datomic for a future app though, it looks really great.


@shaun-mahood: that’s a good point. easier to reason about for now, and can explore datomic once im comfortable with clj/cljs


thnx! and good luck when you try datomic


Thanks, you too


@chadhs: @shaun-mahood I would say the same. Datalog is different to SQL and I guess it is enough to learn clj/cljs at once. Otherwise there may be to much trouble involved. Take one step at a time, this will make things easier. Except, you have enough time on your hands to fail and trial and error often and are curious enought, thats when I would go for a completely new stack simple_smile


@sveri @shaun-mahood i wonder how crazy it would be to try and build a cljs frontend for a site that is currently Django + Backbone


as a proof of concept / tech demo to introduce some clojure simple_smile