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I'd like to disable @ channel mentions, but in the channel settings the option is disabled, with a message that says "(disabled due to team settings)".


Can an admin change the team settings to allow me to disable @ channel mentions? Seems like an easy way to prevent abuse, whether intentional or accidental.


@jeff.terrell: Only admins are allowed to use @ channel mentions to prevent such abuse-- and we are mindful when we use it. Usually for announcements that everyone needs to know, like when we update the code of conduct. I am not sure if we can enable a setting to allow individual users to “ignore” but I will look into it.


Ah OK. That helps that only admins can use it. Cool, thanks! …and BTW, thanks for setting up this Slack! (I think you are the responsible party, anyway.) Very cool!


I am indeed, you’re more than welcome simple_smile