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Here's some basic info for the books listed in the survey: Programming Clojure, 2e, Stuart Halloway & Aaron Bedra, Pragmatic 2012, 296 pages Clojure Programming - Practical Lisp for the Java World, Chas Emerick, Brian Carper & Christopher Grand, O'Reilly 2012, 630 pages The Joy of Clojure, 2e, Michael Fogus & Chris Houser, Manning 2014, 520 pages Living Clojure - An Introduction and Training Plan for Developers, Carin Meier, O'Reilly 2015, 242 pages


I like dmich's idea of programming a game. There is also which gives more freedom and even provides a simple IDE that is used for clojure trainings by the author of play-clj. I liked the presentation at


@vschepik: i don’t think that dmich meant to make a game, but I think it’s a good idea


@quentin i had some nice experience with learning functional game programming by reading How to Design Programs, 2nd ed., and doing the exercises in Racket/Scheme


looks interesting, thanks simple_smile